The diamond piece of the race kit is the Bodyfit, a preview of the 2019 Sportful collection exclusive for all the sportive riders. A jersey of the undeniable top level made even more precious by the design “CRVII - Campagnolo Roma Settima Edizione”.

The jersey, designed and produced by Sportful, is one of the pieces provided to pro teams like Bora Hansgrohe and Bahrain Merida of Peter Sagan and Vincenzo Nibali.

The Coop backpack
The backpack is very useful. Inside, you can find a mix of products studied for the refreshment of riders. You may use it to collect your dresses on Sunday morning and change yourself once the race will be finished.

Friliver® Sport: the right support for the rider
A useful pack provided by Friliver® Sport Rebalance. The perfect tool to provide the right introduction of mineral salts, carbohydrates, electrolytes and vitamin C. All of them needed for the reintegration.

Wines of "Fantini”
If you think about Italy, it is easy to think about the wine culture. The "Trebbiano d'Abruzzo doc 2017 "Carletti"" and "Sangiovese IGP "Larinum"" will be perfect wines and souvenirs to enjoy with friends and relatives.

The Ozone's packs
The Ozone's products, made by Elite, are essential for all the riders, before and after the performance. This is further made true by the ozonides they contain.


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