The Historical Cycle - Charm, tradition and modernity summarised in a ride reserved for bikes built before 1987, and cyclists with vintage clothing. For all fans of historic cycling. A great and brilliant idea: in a city which is the cradle of history, a parade of bikes that have made the history of sport and beyond. An extraordinary feeling, especially when the race starts at the Fori Imperiali in Rome more classically known where time seems to have stood still.

The Appian Way, Porta San Sebastiano, the Caffarella Park create different worlds, different media, different attires, away from technology that now characterises us. A bike of yesteryear, sometimes even on grounds of yesteryear. L’Imperiale is for those who have grown up in societies increasingly innovative but in the soul and spirit have stayed away, perhaps children, when raw wool jerseys and steel bikes were dominant.

About 30 km. You walk along Rome's inner route, go out to the new Appia and at the Ciampino Airport, you immediately head to via Fioranello to take the Appian Antica. The others of the Imperiale the Appian Way will instead climb up to reach Castelgandolfo, downhill on the lake, rise "Panoramica" from the lake, Marino and then  the return will come to Appia Antica always from via Fioranello.


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