The MiniFondo is designed for children in the beautiful scenery of the Terme di Caracalla. Pure cycling fun for children, accompanied by volunteers that oversee their recreational developments and enjoyment. The MiniFondo will be accompanied by games, entertainment, bike skills, skittles and other dedicated activities on Saturday. The MiniFondo award ceremony is on Sunday, after the start of Gran Fondo Campagnolo Rome and before their arrival, in the Village at the Terme di Caracalla.


The event dedicated entirely to children and teenagers organized in collaboration with A.S. Rome Cycling!

Three days of promotion of youth cycling and lots of activities for everyone, from whom the bicycle is never touched, to the future champions of tomorrow.

Many activities proposed every year, just think:

  • Promotional circuit for everyone: both road and mountain biking, with different skill levels and different types of routes, entirely closed to traffic and manned by qualified technicians and instructors from F.C.I. that, step by step, follow all those who will want to get on a bike and try the path best suited to them. Riders will be provided with bicycles, helmets and other protections deemed necessary, we think of everything!
  • Technical and theoretical tests: thanks to the presence of federal managers who will explain how a bike, mechanics, maintenance, posture, and the behavioral aspects closely related to its proper use, first of all the use of the helmet! This "department" will also provide the first indications on the regulations of the Highway Code, and the right attitude that a cyclist should always have, all clearly allegorical, fun and totally addictive!
  • Municiclo Cup: Funny initiative addressed to schools and their students ... more children will come to try the bikes and will award more points to their home school. The first institute winner will receive fantastic prizes - aimed at encouraging the use of bicycles to get to school in the morning!
  • F.C.I race: as every year, the Minifondo Rome is also healthy and exciting competition, where, however, the end is always everyone wins! The race itself, usually organized to coincide with the Granfondo, is open to all affiliated teams with the Italian Cycling Federation at the national level and provides awards to all enrolled children and special prizes for the Company, for example, the most numerous, the farthest, the most lively and so on.

All these activities are included within a real "mini - village" called "Kids Area" where children will find a real festive context in which to take advantage of the many parallel activities to make these three days of cycling truly unforgettable.

The Kids Area will offer it for free to all:

  • Animation and gadgets;
  • Food and dining area;
  • Prizes and gadgets for all those who will participate in the proposed activities;
  • Inflatable play areas dedicated to children;
  • Music;
  • Technical assistance for those who bring their bikes from home;
  • Relax area for families of young cyclists;
  • Makeup artists, animators, popcorn, cotton candy and ... much more!

Minifondo Roma: our signal unleash the fun! 


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