Say Granfondo and think about a mass participation cycling event with thousands of riders of all ages, ready to compete on many different terrains. 

Say Campagnolo and think about one of the brands that has built the history and legend of the cycling world.

Say Rome and think of a Capital of the World, eternal in its past, present and future.

The Granfondo Campagnolo Roma, scheduled for the 11, 12 and for the main day of October 13, embodies these three extraordinary illuminating feelings. However, there is a fourth: the bicycle, in all its forms. Because the bicycle which is sport, health, entertainment, lifestyle, transport, ecology, environment, economy ... is the true, absolute leading actor of an event that, approaching its seventh edition, has been consecrated as one of the most important in the nation, assuming the role of the Italian ambassador of two wheels in the world. Gran Fondo Campagnolo Roma is in fact one of the partners of WACE (World Association of Cycling Events) together with five other international events such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour (South Africa), TD Five Boro Bike Tour (USA - New York), Vatternrundan (Sweden) and Ride London (UK). An enterprise that revolves around more than 200,000 riders and a network of approximately 2 million fans .... impressive numbers that highlight even more the global bicycle renaissance.

The Granfondo Campagnolo Roma is the recognition of the world of the bike, born specifically for this purpose. The "Great Beauty of the Bike" illustrated through four traditional events, which this year will add a Ride (Biciclettata) through the Eternal City, open to all, and thanks to the Village, where enthusiasts and families can find what they desire among the many activities that take place there - sports, literature, movies, product sampling. From children to mums and dads, the Gran Fondo Campagnolo Roma caters to that world which sees the bicycle as a means to a better life and a wish to spread these fundamental and important values. An exciting way to make people get to know and appreciate cycling.

The events:

  • The Granfondo Campagnolo Roma - The blue riband event, a ride of 77 miles with 6,500 ft of elevation, four timed climbs, designed for experiencd riders. Pedaling immersed in history, the magnificent scenery of the Colosseum and the Fori Imperiali through Rome, then venture out of the city amidst the beautiful landscape of Castelli Romani and Lake Albano, before returning to Rome at the Terme di Caracalla..
  • The Mediofondo - Non-competitive, 60 km to Lake Albano, for those who want to take a ride with friends, even with e-bicycles, in the fantastic scenery of the roman castles.
  • The Historical Cycle - A new innovation for all historic cycling enthusiasts. The ride is reserved for pre-1987 bicycles and cyclists with vintage clothing. A cycle route of rare beauty in a city that, like no other city in the world, once again will charm and create emotions of the story, in this case of Rome, the bicycle and cycling.
  • The MiniFondo Roma - A ride designed for children in the beautiful scenery of the Circo Massimo. Pure cycling fun for children, accompanied by volunteers to oversee their recreational performance.
  • Roma2Bike - The route can be enjoyed by everyone, because of his short distance, only 25 km and the complete absence of hills. Families with children (at least 5 years old), grandparents, grandchildren and tourists will admire Rome and its beauties in total relax, cycling in the heart of the city.

And finally, the village at the Circo Massimo, the heartbeat of the event. The meeting point for everybody, with entertainment and animations. Discovering the world of cycling, its values. Where you can get up close with the differents aspects in the world of the bicycle. Expos, technique, cycling, urban mobility, culture, health and lifestyle. A true moment of gathering for all -  athletes, fans, young and old people, all those who want to enter this wonderful world. The Bike Economy annually generates a global turnover of 200 billion Euros. A product, a lifestyle, a fact of culture.

The Granfondo Campagnolo Roma embodies these concepts, offering the participants a range of tests that meet the competitive spirit with challenging courses, but also to people who want to enjoy the spectacle of nature, a fascinating city, corners, streets and neighborhoods, landscapes to be photographed with the eyes and soul, enriched with history and culture and at the same time deepening that dynamic which is behind the project: the bike is good, in every sense.

The event has become a laboratory for a new way of life, a world to which we are increasingly adapting and being closer.


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